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Why Extra Curricular Activities Are a Major Part Of School Life

Naturally, children love playing.  A child who does not play always raises concern from the caregiver or a teacher.  In their developmental stages, play time is one of the best moments a child has to discover and learn new things on their own.  Unfortunately, play time is usually minimized when a child joins school. Being

Time to Appreciate

Appreciation means to be grateful or thankful. We took time to appreciate past candidates of Akima School for their good performance in KCPE 2019. This is to motivate students to work harder for success. We wish them all the best in secondary school and future endeavors

Welcome Back 2020

It’s been a fun holiday break but now we are back to school. It's time for the kids to upgrade to new classes, meet old school friends and learn new things! We are excited and happy to be back.

Congratulations are in order For Class 2019

We wish to congratulate candidates of Akima Springs Junior 2019 with a mean score of 373. We thank God for the good performance . Our top boy Trevor Mbuthia with 427 marks and top Girl Angel Nganga with 419 marks.  The Breakdown is as follows Above 400 - 7 Students 301 to 400 Marks