21st Century has introduced all of us to some level of new technology that we are either enjoying or loathing.  Today’s children are introduced to technology before they even learn how to talk.  Every day, they are overwhelmed with choices of what to do with the technology that is easily availed to them without much guidance.

Looking at the internet babies today may feel like a sad case, but not until you look at the positive side of the internet.   Here at Akima, being one of the best schools in Nairobi, we choose to look at the internet and all things technology from a different perspective.

Children today have a sharper mind than the past generation.  This is because they are introduced to the technology as early and they get to learn from the world at large rather than just the family members surrounding them.  Technology as a whole can be used to influence children positively towards learning new exciting things.

At Akima, the best school in Nairobi, we have learned the secret of using the resources around us to foster children’s development towards the right way.  In order to achieve this, we invite the parents to always work hand in hand with us in order to establish the same trend both in school and at home with the child.

Some of the ways parents can train their children to use technology positively are:

  • Introduce children to age appropriate games and programs – As the parents we are in control of what our children watches or plays. It is therefore our greatest responsibility to protect them from overrated content.  Always think of your child’s age and only allow what you would want to see them learn, see and imitate.
  • Look for educational shows and games – The internet has a flood of good information that will help children learn their sounds and numbers. Look for such music, movies and games that will excite them as well as help them learn new things.
  • Always invest in those games or programs that are enlightening–  These few ideas will help you choose a program or a game wisely.
    • Is it teaching the children something positive?
    • Is it encouraging the child to learn new skills especially listening?
    • Is it helping the child develop a healthy self esteem?
    • Is it helping the child develop better relationships with others?
  • Limit the screen time as much as you can – As much as we advice on use of technology, we also advice against excess screen time. Most experts recommend no more than 2 hours a day with breaks in between.  The screen should never become a substitute for other activities like hanging out with friends, play time or family time.  Homework must also be attended to with utmost commitment and should never be overshadowed by the screen time.

Of course there are many other ideas that will help you determine if the program or game is fit for the child or not.  Use your judgment wisely!

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