Sleep is beneficial to every one of us –both children and grown-ups alike!  We may not precisely grasp what it does for us, but we know that it makes our days better and brighter.  But what kind of sleep do children need to get this better day? Quality sleep plays a significant role in the everyday life making children feel more energetic to face a new day.  Going without enough sleep, on the other hand, leaves you feeling terrible and frustrated most likely ready to pass on the appalling feeling to others who we come across.

What are the benefits of Proper sleep?

Proper sleep is vital, but it comes with more discipline.  Most children struggle with going to sleep at the time they are asked to.  Many want to continue watching the TV or playing with their siblings not remembering the next day they will pay dearly for lack of enough sleeping hours.  Let’s look at the benefits of sleep:

  1. Sleep helps improve your memory – When you are tired, you can barely remember anything. This is a sign that your brain needs a break to sleep.  When your body rests, your brain organizes and gets things to make it easy for you to remember and process things better when you get up.
  2. Sleep keeps you in a good mood – Moods can be nasty if they keep changing. They may dictate how our day will look like and if we do not get enough sleep we can be cranky all day and snap at everyone around us. The better rest you get, the more you can stay calm, controlled and reasonable.
  3. Sleep acts as a painkiller – Really? Yes, you don’t need to take painkillers now and then, some pain can be relieved by proper sleep.  The more rest you get, the less pain you experience in your body.
  4. Sleep makes you smarter! – Your brain works more efficiently and productively if you give it a good break from sleep. With proper sleep, you will learn you get to be more attentive and focused throughout the day.

Developing a good bedtime routine

For you to get the above sleep benefits, you ought to establish a consistent and friendly bedtime routine that helps your body and mind calm down and be able to sleep.  Developing a bedtime routine may sound like something only children do, but it’s ideal for adults as well.

Sleep experts have sighted that bedtime routine that is consistently followed allows you to learn how to calm down and relax as you get ready to sleep with ease.  Sleeping in the early hours of the night helps with digestion of foods and enables you to wake up early having relaxed fully.

Although even the scientists cannot entirely tell why we sleep, all these benefits directly reflect the potential role sleep plays in our health and memory making it particularly relevant even in this 21st Century. Let’s all enjoy a peaceful rest every night!

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