Words have a way of shaping a child’s future!  If you don’t believe it, look into your life and see what has shaped who you are today.  We are formed by the default that we grow up in. What we say to children when young will stay with them throughout their life.  These memories are imprinted in them making them either feel loved or rejected.

If you don’t like the words you heard growing up, you have the chance to change your words to become what you would have wanted to hear.  If you heard the right words of love and encouragement, then you have the chance also to keep spreading positive energy.

Akima, boasts of members of staff who have specifically learned the art of using magical words on the children.  We stand out from the rest as the best school in Nairobi by ensuring our staff members set a good example to the children.  We understand that words have power and as an authority to children we only desire to bless rather than curse them.

We certainly understand that magical words without actions become meaningless, that’s why we ensure that our actions are as loud as our words.  When children are affirmed with the right kind of words ad shown the right way to follow, they truly turn out right. This is a mandate for every teacher in Akima, the best school in Nairobi to ensure each child is affirmed and led through the right path of life.

To ensure our teachers get the most out of the children, they practice four  important tips:

  • Consistency – Consistency is key in forming children both in their younger and older years. Children naturally tend to test a teacher’s empathy to see if they mean what they say, once a child realizes teachers are all consistent, they feel secure.  In such secure environment, the children will thrive and grow up treating each other better.
  • Modeling – Children always follow the example set by the adults who model either good or bad behavior. Our teachers are good models to all children both in words and actions. Teachers use the right words both in happy times and in times when kids need some discipline because the right words help implement the right kind of discipline.
  • Repeating – Children do not always get it the right the first time, you have to say it again and again. Our teachers understand the need to repeat an affirming or a caution word  more than once to allow it sink deep in the child’s heart.  Repeating again and again allows the child to see how important they are and how much the teacher is concerned about them making them adapt easily and love school life.
  • Creating meaning – It is possible for words to be thrown around without someone meaning what they say. At Akima, we teach the importance of speaking the truth in love or simply meaning what we say.  By using affirming words, teachers are not trying to bribe the children into getting them to do their school work but they are speak words that they mean.

By choosing to speak life, we give life to our school!

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