In the present years, children join school rather too young than the olden days.  They leave home as early as 2-3 years and join their peers in school without a slight idea of what is needed of them.  The best school in Nairobi and its environs who are receiving these children have had to carry out lots of changes to accommodate these young ones so they can love their new environment.

While the children are safe in school, the parents concentrate on bringing the bread and butter home.  With the unforgiving economy you cannot blame their commitment to the workplace.  They are simply trying to offer at least a decent lifestyle to their children.

School life on the other hand offers a balanced life to all children.  Depending on the background of each child, they interpret life at school differently according to their understanding.  Some will easily go with the flow and enjoy their every day while others will become unruly and discouraged to the point of hating school.

As a parent you are the first most important teacher to your child.  It is of great importance for every parent to embrace this responsibility even after the child is sent to school.  This support goes a long way in helping your little one settle and thrive in their school life. Showing your concern with their school work, friends and teachers help your child realize they are not alone and eliminate the frustration that comes with joining school.

A few creative ways that parents can show their support includes:

  • Meeting the child’s teacher – Whether it’s the first day of school or any day within the school term, the parent is welcome to meet their child’s teacher. Don’t wait for your child to get into trouble or for the school to schedule a parent’s meeting to see the teacher.  Being one of the best schools on Nairobi we are always open and pleased to meet our parents and discuss their child’s progress.
  • Attending the teacher-parent conference – In Akima, we always have at least one meeting with the parent every term. If there is need to have more than one meeting depending on your child’s needs, we always communicate effectively.  The best way parents can support your child’s teacher is by attending these meetings and participating to ensure there is transparency in both parties.
  • Finding out how your child is doing – As hectic as work becomes, take time to check up on your child at least every day. Listen to their stories, complains, whining and anything else they want to share.  By listening to them, you will learn what they are facing and be able to help them as early as possible without allowing the problem to escalate.
  • Always ensuring homework is done well – Homework is given to a child to help them remember and practice what they learned in the course of the day. Our homework is always well thought out by our teachers before its handed to the child.  As a parent, when you make effort to check your child’s work, the child realizes you are interested in their school work and will always work to please you.

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