Welcome to Akima Springs Junior School

At Akima Springs Junior School, we aspire to nurture our children's best chosen fields through our compassion, insight and professionalism in giving them a firm and secure start. The school is based on a christian foundation where each day starts with devotion. We provide children with the best care in a fun, educational and comfortable environment. We encourage them to develop as responsible individuals and to find their place in our community as well as grow in a stimulating environment where diet, health and happiness are just as important as creativity concentration and learning......Read more



In the Kindergaten, children from 3 to 5 years benefit from structured play and ECD teaching. Learning is enhanced by an embedded lifeskills programme that includes singing, learning games, outdoor play , storytelling, art and craft ,which are sure to stimulate your child's imagination.


Primary School


In the primary school section, the children enjoy the learning process and solve problems by themselves and with others through a combination of structured learning, lifeskills training and free play. We don't compromise the quality of learning.


Facilities & Activities


School Transport is available for your child with our clean, comfortable buses that cover numerous routes within a 10 km radius. We offer a range of extra curricular activities including: swimming, computers, games, music lessons, scouts.....


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